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Sound Field Restoration


Composers depict their meditation via each piece of music. Those creations are best performed by experienced artists and recorded into sound tracks for audiences' future enjoyment.

Audio system has been playing the role to re-perform recorded sound tracks. Everyone loves music. Beautiful music relaxes our mind from daily life and work. Sometimes it not only reminds happy memories but also arousing inspirations.

However, it is also true that some audio equipments make negative impacts on the experience of audiophile. Noisy music can be disturbing, in a worse case, it creates a mental pressure for audiences. Therefore, a well-designed audio system becomes necessary to perform the music in the way it's written and to express the message from the composer. The mission of our lab is seeking and delivering the best solutions to unveil the secret of audio system.

There should be an explanation for every subject in the world. Human beings continue to make progress in the process of seeking explanations, and the quality of life has also improved. We explore the formation mechanism of the unique sound state of audio equipment, and bring out a new generation of music playback equipment, let you who love music enjoy a higher quality music experience.


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