Following the introduction of Audio CD in the audio industry more than 30 years ago, WRT Cable is another revolutionary audio equipment major improvement we have brought to the audio market, realizing a qualitative change from audio to music. You can easily try our WRT cables through FREE Trial to explore the highest quality currently achievable for your audio system.

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Wide-band Real-time Transmission Cable

WRT Cable is produced according to the circuit principle and our DPEC (Distributed Parameter Effective Control) technology. It is a transmission line circuit that transmits broadband music electrical signals in real time, which solve the most critical problems common in audio systems.

The signal transmission between audio equipment is like a bottleneck, which seriously affects the effective performance of the audio system. The WRT cable technically solves this problem. For more information, please refer to the particularity of the audio system.

The WRT cable can prevent part of the music signal from becoming background noise after being transmitted through the cable. After using WRT Cable, immediately reduce the music background noise. The more instruments you play, the greater the noise reduction effect. The music is no longer as turbid and noisy as before.

The sound quality improvement will be huge, including but not limited to high, medium and low frequency fusion, micro dynamic density, emotional state, sound stage, etc. Our technology ensures that the quality improvement is long-term stable, even if you replace other equipment in the system, the improvement will not disappear.



Product #: 2201

WRT Interconnect (RCA)

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  Product #: 2201

WRT Interconnect (XLR)

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WRT Speaker Cable

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Every model of speaker has its own electrical characteristics, and there are differences that cannot be ignored. Therefore, the speaker has become the most personalized component in the audio system. Different from the signal interconnection line, the speaker cable is a power transmission cable. Both the standing wave and the real-time frequency spectrum will affect the emotional state of the sound.

The frequency band of music electric signal is very wide (10 octaves). The power transmission of each frequency component will have its own standing wave. And the standing wave amplitude of each frequency component will vary according to the electrical characteristics of each speaker. Combined with the real-time problem of the frequency spectrum, the waveform change of the transmitted music signal will vary with different speakers, so the emotional state of the sound will also be different. In order to accurately express sound, the speaker cable inevitably needs to be matched with the speaker.

At the moment, we are only providing the cable to the speakers specified below. Customers who use other speakers, please consult our support service.

B&W: Nautilus 800 series,

B&W: Nautilus 800D series,

Dunlavy: Aletha, SC-xx series,

Eggleston: Andra II, III

Infinity: IRS series, RS series,

McIntosh: XR-xx series, XRT-xx series,

Mordaunt Short: 8xx series,

ProAc: Studio 140

Tannoy: TD-12


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